Thoughts and the body

Although we’ve been brought up thinking that all the thinking we do goes on in our brains, I have always intuitively felt — and I suppose so have many others — that the way we hold our body and move it, has an effect on our thoughts. On the other side of the same idea is perhaps Michael Jackson’s caveat that a dancer must not think, but must become the music, if he has to really dance.

I’ve noticed that I think in a more focused way when I puff away at my pen held like a cigarette the way writers and artists are shown doing in Paris cafes. I have always wondered if it isn’t the action of that puffing away and that cigarette in one’s mouth, rather than the tobacco or not so much its nicotine that is stimulating thought?

Further, perhaps, putting that thing in your mouth stops you from wanting to speak, and maybe helps you collect your thoughts?

In related news, Prof. Carl Flink of the University of Minnesotta and the Black Label Movement troupe are performing and lecturing in Bangalore next week under the title ‘Bodystorming Hits Bangalore,‘ It is about scientists studying cellular-level movement with the help of dancers’ interpretation. Most interesting, since they seem to start from precisely the idea that one thinks with one’s body.


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