Thoughts and the body – II

I had a quick glimpse of Black Label Movement performing live at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore on 26 April. It was accompanied by Prof. Carl Flink’s talk on the project. Or more formally, the talk was accompanied by the performance. Well, they were friendly enough to accompany each other.

It was quite serious, despite Flink trying to lighten the intense atmosphere created by the performance and the science-talk. Here were the dancers, about eight of them,  well-trained, superbly coordinated, and extraordinarily strong and graceful. And they were dancing to tunes that weren’t so melodious.  For they represented and interpreted the movement of atomic or molecular matter. I didn’t quite get to understanding the whole thing, but


These ‘tunes’ reminded me quite a bit of the

Black Label Movement’s short performance pieces as part of Carl Flink’s talk at the NGMA, Bangalore, was impressive as anticipated. But let’s get away from ‘impressive’. It was striking. The peformance had you watch in awe as the dancers — eight of them — moved to the rhythms of not so melodious beats. I could only guess that this music had something to do with cellular/molecular/atomic movement as suggested by the posters. And it reminded me of the ‘Bauhaus dances’ of Oskar Schlemmer in which “dancers wear jerseys and masks instead of extravagant costumes and sound out elementary body-space relationships.
And similarly, what Flink was trying to say was that the movements of the dancers helped to explore the way little particles moved in their little spaces.


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