“Nothing Eve”

“Nothing Eve” the title of Kurt Wolfgang’s brilliant comic series in MOME. Wolfgang creates a wistful, funny atmosphere in which we follow the boy protagonist around a small American town on the last day of the world. Among the first things he does is ask a stranger for a smoke. Refusing him initially, then realising that the world is ending anyway, the stranger hands the boy a cigarette. “I mustn’t catch you with that thing tomorrow,” he says, in case the world doesn’t end.

Quite unlike this version of the apocalypse is the soulless, hard-thumping, and expensively mass-produced darkness of many movies in town. Best exemplified by the new superman plus batman clunk-thing. They all seem to be set in the same dark city, facing the same dark end of the world, awaiting insanely cut action and industrial noise from toad-bodied heroes to save them.

I was subject to four or five trailers in a row last week, and I am pretty sure they could all be thrown into just a single end-of-the-world movie called “Nothing Ever.” In fact, Star Wars: A New Hope seemed like a brightly coloured Disney fantasy afterwards.


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